Movie Review: Catch Me If You Can


When I was in form 4 and form 5, I had to learn this one novel called “Catch Us If You Can” for English Literature. and then I thought this movie was based on that story, but it’s not, it was totally different from the novel. The movie is a story of Frank Abagnale, a famous security consultant in the US. He became famous because he was a criminal during his teenage years. His crimes include fraud, and check forgery, making him a professional in recognizing fake checks.

In the movie, Frank (acted by the all-time famous Leonardo DiCaprio) ran away from home because he couldn’t cope with his parents’ divorce. Throughout the movie, he successfully fakes his identity as a doctor, a lawyer, a secret agent, and a pilot. He managed to forge checks using his identity as a pilot in the Pan Am airline company at many bank across the world. In the end, he was caught by Carl Hanratty, an FBI agent who has been chasing him since the beginning. He was caught in France and was imprisoned there. Carl took him out and bring him back to the States. Carl constantly visits Frank to help him out with the fake checks and later offers Frank to work at the bank fraud at the FBI.

I really liked this material because I think that youngsters are capable of doing so many things in life. I mean the story is not a good example to follow, but his acts made me realize that if we want something, we should go for it no matter how hard it is. I think he holds on to the phrase “YOLO” in his life, really. I hope that I could be like him one day but in a good and legal way. I’d like to discover the whole world, meet lots of people, and most importantly, being brave in whatever that I do without thinking of people’s judgement towards me.

Frank as a “lawyer”
Him as a pilot.
As “Doctor Conners”


I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.




Movie Review: Juno


I would recommend this movie to everyone because I think that the values in the movie should be planted in everyone’s heart and soul.

Firstly, parents should be more supportive instead of oppressive towards their children. I liked how Juno’s parents were very supportive when she told them that she was pregnant. Her stepmother’s first reaction was to get her to the obstetrics, asking her to eat healthy food and to take supplements. And her father’s reaction was okay. we rarely see these kinds of reactions coming from parents, in my society especially. They tend to over react to this situation and make haste decisions like chasing out their daughter, asking her to abort the baby, hit them, etc. Well in my society, people are scared of judgement made by other people so by doing those acts, they can get rid of the shame that they will face in the future. The effect from this can be bad up to the extent of suicide. We can see now many new-born babies are found in places like public toilets, in the drain, and in the bushes. The mothers couldn’t bear to face the society as a single young mother. They have no support from anyone, especially their own family who had threw them away.

Secondly, this movie incorporated the value of courage in women. We can see this in Juno and Vanessa. Juno thought of abortion at first but later cancelled her decision for some reasons. She then decides to give the baby away because she knew that she cannot handle the baby by herself. With the help of her best friend, they look up for couples who want a child. Finally, she found a couple, Mark and Vanessa who longed to have child and they made an agreement about the adoption and all. She went through 9 months carrying a baby inside her womb was so strong throughout the journey (maybe she did this for Vanessa). At the same time, she had to deal with her feelings towards Paulie (her best friend and the father of the baby) and the crisis between the soon-to-be parents of her baby. For Vanessa, I see her courage towards the end of the movie where although she was getting a divorce, she still wants to go on with the adoption. And at the end, there was a scene of her taking care of the baby alone. This shows the independence of women where they don’t need any men to be their support system.



Interclass Debate Championship MADPP 2016

The champion!

A week full of eagerness for everyone, i must say. I look up to debate tournaments all the time. Im not that good in speaking and convincing, but I love debate; i love how i can see others’ perspective in different kind of issues, i love how everyone’s so enthusiastic in doing research, and i like the healthy competition going on. 

My group (me, Syaros, Youn, and Kc) was the first one to debate on the first day. We went against Kina, Naz, and Mat with the motion “THW kill Justin Bieber”. (Hahahah) We managed to have a good debate despite the funny and how-are-we-supposed-to-debate-on-this motion. My team won and i was the best speaker for that session. I looked forward to the debate and prepared my speech and points a day before, i even dreamt about it. My hard work was paid off, i guess 😛 the next day, we went to the quarter final against the champion with the motion “THW ban ice cream for the elderly“. We lost this time but it was a good debate nevertheless. I was on the opposition side and i find it hard because the points that i had to say clash with my own stand and i had to sound convincing in defending our side. *cries*

I also had the chance to become one of the adjudicator. And from there i can see how hard it is to judge someone from their substance, to language, style and strategy in only 5 minutes!! I also learned that i have to be neutral and not let my personal knowledge interfere my judging. 

This debate helps me a lot, especially in writing my essay. I must now develop my arguments clearly, give suitable examples, play around the definition and make sure that my focus is clear. On a more serious note, considering all pros and cons is a must in making decisions because the littlest thing may give a big impact.

The neurones inside my brain would also like to thank everyone for the new facts and informations 🤗


Book Review: Things Fall Apart


This book is written by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian author and it takes place in Umuofia, Nigeria.

For today’s review, I’m going to go with the prompt “Is the material relevant to you as a Malaysian?”

Yes, definitely yes. When I was reading the book, I imagined the scene to be at a village somewhere in Malaysia (so that I can imagine the story better) and I imagined the time back when my country was intruded by various colonialist. This material is much related to what happened in my country; the colonization of the white men.

Okonkwo resembles our local leaders back in 1920s when they went against the British in their states Like in the book, the main agenda of the whites is to spread Christianity. Apart from that, their agenda of colonising Tanah Melayu is to colonise the economy of herbs, gold and pewter. Remember our local leaders: Tok Janggut, Mat Salleh, Rentap, Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong, and others? they fought their lives to go against the British who intruded their state took over their place as leaders. The whites also implemented new rules that became a burden to the locals. Like in TFO, what the whites are trying to do is to tell the society to not follow their ancestors’ culture because it is ridiculous. For me, i find it so disrespectful to make people go against their norm that their ancestors had created. They also think that the Ibo community are uncivilized people because they don’t have a proper government and laws.

At the end of TFO, Okonkwo commit suicide (maybe because he doesn’t want to lose his life in the white’s hand). We may see him as a loser in this part, but I think he had raised the nationalism spirit in me because even he when he knows he’s going to lose when he got back from the exile (many people in his village converted to Christian) but he’s still insist to have a war against the whites because he wants to save his born place.

Even though Okonkwo is seen as a hot-tempered man, he still has the good values in him: a good leader, brave and strong. Unlike his father who was the opposite of him. His life starts to fall apart after he killed Ikemefuna and I think that’s the reason why he lost in the end. Maybe if didn’t killed the boy, everything would turn out fine.

George Santayana, a famous historian once said “those who forget history, will definitely repeat it”.


Movie Review: Forrest Gump



I’ve heard about Forrest Gump long time ago, but I’m always not interested to watch old movies. But thanks to Miss Jo, I finally watched it! (she always provides us with the best of everything and makes everything fun and beneficial!)

I watched this movie together with my friends, I’d like to compare my response on this movie with a friend of mine, Zafirah.

When I asked her response on this movie the first thing that came out from her mouth was “I like that kind of guy (Forrest), I liked his loyalty towards Jenny, even though he’s weird, I’d date someone like him because it’s not easy to find who likes us since forever.” Funny girl! She also thinks that we should never underestimate people; Forrest is a multi-talented person, even when people think he’s naïve and stupid, he had achieved more than average people do. He even met the President twice in his life! Zafirah was touched with his mother’s sacrifices to get him the best of everything. (She even had sex with the principal of the school just to get Forrest into the school). and lastly, we need to see things realistically. Some things may look good to us but it actually may bring more harm than good. Like jenny, she was happy being in the hippie movement though it leads her to destruction.

As for me, I don’t think I’d date Forrest… (hahah!) No, but really. He’s socially awkward…. Even though he’s multi-talented, rich (in the end), and protective, I’d never date him, I guess? I find this movie very knowledgeable because i now know more about the US history like the Hippie movement, KKK, and the Vietnam War. Before watching this movie, the only “Gump” I know was the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant, little did i know that it was actually inspired by this movie! I was quite disappointed at the end of the movie because i couldn’t think of the reason why Forrest went running for three years straight. Was he depressed? But why?  Was it a joke? Or maybe because he’s just like that; unpredictable. Just like in the scene where Mr President asked him “How is it like to be in the national team?” and he answered “I need to pee.” or something like that. Forrest Gump is indeed a worth watching movie. We’ll get the joke if we know the background f the movie.



Movie Review: the Notebook



10000000% a tearjerker, indeed. Tell me who doesn’t weep watching this movie?!

Of all the Nicholas Sparks’ movies that I’ve watched, this is the best. Second would be The Best of Me. The Notebook might not contain serious issues to be written down and talked about. But it’s not a cliché movie as well!

So today, I’d like to go with the prompt “If you were the producer of the material, what feedback would you give the director?”

I’d like to say that Nick Cassavetes did a great job in directing this film. I’d like to point out the effective way the Cassavates had done to address the message to his audience. First, at the beginning of the movie, there’s the part showing an old man reading a story to an old woman at an old folks’ house. I was wondering what this scene really means and it turned out that the whole movie was flashbacks and all the flashbacks were the stories read by the old man. The changing of the scenes that includes flashbacks and current event is also very subtle and not cliché way to address the message behinds the movie.

I also love how he uses Ryan Gosling as the young man because he has the “not so handsome and dashing” looks to portray him as a lower-class person. At the same time, Rachel McAdams plays the heroine of the movie. They make a very good couple and I can see a great chemistry between them throughout the movie. The old couple also did a great job to make sure we get the message, especially at the ending. 😦

The little things that Cassavetes wants to show are also placed into the movie perfectly. Even though those little things give such great impact to build the plot. For instance, Allie once told Noah how she would design the old mansion if they were to buy the house. Years later, Allie saw a picture of Noah with the renovated house; looking exactly like how she wanted to. And that scene was a bridge to the “re-born” of their love. The title of the movie itself was portray as the book that was read by the old man (later revealed that he is Noah and the woman is Allie). The notebook symbolises their love. Allie s dementia and there was a line in the book written by Allie “read this to me and I’ll come back to you”.

This movie may contain a few mistakes and irrelevant scene at a glance, but it was later backed up by other major scenes that show the relevance of everything that happens throughout the movie. All in all, I think this is one great romance movie that should be produced.


Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird



I’ve heard about this book long time ago but never had the chance and time to really read it and understand it. It’s really popular that it’s been incorporate into the syllabus in some school in the United States. I can see different messages being addressed in this book: racism, gender roles, and social injustice. I love how this book can be read by everyone because if we were to put ourselves in the book, we can relate it back to our own society no matter where we live in.

So today, I’m going to share out my review of this book and how it reminded me on my very own society.

  1. Freedom of expression.

At the beginning of the book, Scout is scolded by her teacher at school for saying/ knowing “to much of thing” beyond her age and remind her to tell her father not to teach her anything. I find this very irrelevant because age does not matter in expressing what we feel and what we know about our surrounding based on observations. I see now in my society that whenever a child (who can probably think more mature than I do, like Scout), or maybe us teenagers were to give our opinions on sensitive things like politics, education, or economy, the elders will label us “too young to talk about these things” or maybe “you don’t know much about these things”. I’m not saying ALL, but yeah, that happens. We have television, newspaper, and internet (where I think people usually go there for resources) to see how things are going. Maybe instead of rebutting the points, they can tell the truth or maybe share their opinions about it. Or maybe help to understand the real meaning or story behinds it.

  1. Gender roles.

I love how Harper Lee incorporate this in her novel. This focuses more on Scout or Jean Louise who we can see has a tomboy character. It most probably happened because she was raised only with her father and her brother, Jem. She may has Calpurnia, her help with her but she spends most of the time playing around with his brother and their friend, Dill. Her aunt then later came to teach her the ethics of being a true woman. In my opinion, I think this message is important to show how education from home is very important. I see how some women has changed their personality to being a man. Why does this happen? And how? Peers? Parents ignoring their children? Many factors.

  1. Social injustice.

This might not happen in my society that much but my soon-to-be society; in the United States. Social injustice or racism happened A LOT in the US. This happened since forever and it has never stopped. I, now, can see myself through videos on the social media on how blacks are being discriminate in the society. They were blamed for things they didn’t do and some of them are shot no reason. Though now the rules between the white and the colored had been abolished, the racism is still there and it’s a never-ending thing.

All in all, I think that everyone should read this wonderful piece by Harper Lee.